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Natural Distinctions

Avery Gauthier *3 star Parelli Professional

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Soft and responsive with Heart and Desire

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​​Are you the leader your horse is asking for?

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Parelli Professionals Promise

Relationship First
I promise to put my relationship with you, my student, first. Rather than perfecting the task, we will care more about confidence, trust, motivation and willingness... as true horseman do.

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Licenced Parelli Professional™

Avery Gauthier
Avery Gauthier is a Licensed Parelli Professional™ 3 Star Instructor. Avery studied with and worked for Pat Parelli for 5 years. 

Avery started as a school student and was then invited into the Parelli™ University and 2-year program which included numerous colt starts where she then went on to become part of the Parelli™ Faculty, teaching hundreds of students at both the Colorado and Florida Parelli Centers. To read more about Avery please visit her About page.

Horse-man-ship Development and Horse Development is offered by Avery, in New England. For information on Horse-man-ship Development including Lessons, Workshops and Clinics, as well as Horse Development including, Colt Starting and Foundation Training please look through Avery’s website and contact her directly at 

Four Savvys
I promise to help you become well-rounded in your savvy both on the ground and riding; to prepare you for success at every level to read your horse, understand his Horsenality and develop your savvy skills On Line, at Liberty, in FreeStyle and Finesse.

Never Ending Self-Improvement
I promise to inspire and support your quest for never-ending self-improvement. The Parelli Pathway and Savvy Club will guide you to success and help you measure your progress every step of the way.

It is all about setting your horse up to say yes!

Every horse wants a leader. Learn how to be the leader your horse is asking for. In all his areas of confidence: In a Leader, in Themselves, in the Herd, in each Environment and as a Learner.

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